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Levity’s Genre-Bending Brilliance: A Look at the Future of Electronic Music

Levity has seized the spotlight this year and shows no signs of slowing down. Still relatively new to the mainstream electronic scene, Levity is making waves with their funky and space bass-infused tunes, rapidly gaining momentum through significant releases on labels like Deadbeats and memorable live sets, such as their impromptu performance at Electric Forest. As we approach 2024, I believe Levity is the rising star to watch, and I want to delve into what sets them apart, anticipating their continued success.

What makes Levity’s music stand out is its inherent sense of fun, making it irresistibly catchy. They have the ability to infuse fun and dance vibes across various genres, adding a unique twist to each. The magic truly happens when they blend genres; while firmly rooted in the space bass industry, they frequently incorporate house elements, resulting in a distinctive fusion that has captivated thousands of listeners. Conversely, their house tracks stand out thanks to the inclusion of space bass elements, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating each new release. One notable achievement this year was their monumental release, “Flip It,” garnering support from bass titans Zeds Dead and Subtronics, among others. Hailing from Chicago, Levity has been increasingly featured on lineups, and there’s no indication of them slowing down.

Levity’s impromptu performance in the round at Electric Forest took fans by surprise and became a defining moment in their journey. The ripples created by that set were significant, providing them with a spotlight they have skillfully embraced. Levity possesses incredible potential and consistently pours their hearts into their music. Fortunately for us, they are set to perform at Phoenix Lights, so be sure to grab your tickets here and witness their electrifying performance firsthand!

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