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This Is Technometal 2023 Vol. 1 – HEX Techno Movement

In the realm of electronic music, where innovation knows no bounds, one movement and its dedicated community have been shaping the future of sound. Known as the HEX Techno Movement, their latest release, This is TechnoMetal 2023 Vol. 1, is a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries and transcending musical norms.

HEX, founded in 2014 by Lorenzo Raganzini and Paolo Ferrara, is not just an ordinary collective of artists; it is a global techno movement. Their journey began with a vision, as Lorenzo Raganzini articulated in a recent “Playful Podcast” interview: “We are in Barcelona, and there is an issue that we need to solve. We are missing a true dark techno event where people can have a free space to express themselves.” Their core values revolve around the principles of high quality and freedom, providing a safe and exclusive haven where individuals can embrace alternative expressions of art.

One of the secrets behind HEX’s allure has been the aura of exclusivity they’ve cultivated. What started as a desire to create something private and hard to access has evolved into a transformative movement. Over the years, HEX has transcended the confines of a mere event and has become a fully-fledged techno phenomenon. During the podcast, Paolo Ferrara elaborated on their journey, saying, “Nine years since the first party, close to ten with a big 10-year anniversary planned,” underscoring the remarkable journey that has taken them from their initial party to their current status as global influencers in the electronic music scene.

What truly sets HEX apart is its pioneering sound known as TechnoMetal. Paolo Ferrara and Lorenzo Raganzini have boldly combined the hypnotic rhythms of techno with the raw power of metal to create a unique musical fusion. Paolo explained the genesis of TechnoMetal during the same podcast, saying, “When it happened, maybe from the beginning we were already experimenting with the sound… then the guitars came, the vocals, the drums, and we thought, ‘This is a perfect match.'” Lorenzo emphasized that TechnoMetal is not just a genre but a presentation of their sound and philosophy. “This is our message; we are going to keep experimenting; we do not care about judgments,” he declared.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, TechnoMetal took center stage for the founders of HEX. Lorenzo Raganzini recalled how they embraced this new direction during lockdown, seeking to create music that was heavier, not faster. They experimented with guitars, giving birth to a genre that defies convention.

As TechnoMetal gains momentum, it’s evident that people are not just embracing it; they are fully embracing it. Lorenzo sees a cultural fusion taking place, where the boundaries between genres blur. “People are embracing it, and now it is a full embrace. I see the culture melting into each other. People love it,” he enthused during the podcast.


The release of This is TechnoMetal 2023 Vol. 1 by HEX Recordings is a testament to their dedication and relentless pursuit of artistic innovation. It features a good number of the artists affiliated with the label, each contributing to the electrifying soundscape that defines the TechnoMetal sub-society. As HEX continues to evolve, it serves as a beacon for those who seek music that knows no bounds, a movement that thrives on high quality and freedom, and a community that embraces the spirit of unbridled rebellion and artistic expression.

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