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Artist Spotlight: Classmatic

Bringing a fresh spin to the scene, rising Brazilian house DJ and producer, Classmatic is making great moves from the underground to the international circuit. From tech house, minimal, deep house, and so much more, Classmatic is turning heads with his groovy house heaters. He has built his brand to spread good vibes and positive energy into the dancefloors. The last few years have been monumental for Classmatic’s career, thanks to his hard work producing music, building his own label, and worldwide touring. Classmatic is on the fast track to becoming a leading house artist.

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In Brazil, Classmatic (or Frederico Farias) started out DJing in his early teenage years and later he began producing at the age of 18. In 2015 things changed for Farias while living in Las Vegas when he was introduced to the U.S. house scene. In an interview with Techno Mood, Farias said “When it happened 7 years ago I decided to change everything and I’ve started to make some tech house stuff at that moment and then Classmatic was born.” The launch of Farias’ career as Classmatic began, as he focused on creating tech house tracks and refining his producing skills.

Using inspirations from underground house music, his love for hip hop music, and adding in some latino flare into his beats, Classmatic since gained the attention and support of big names in the scene. His tracks gained the likings from artists like The Martinez Brothers, Sosa, Jamie Jones, Mochakk etc. In addition to his release of his Crazy Pages album in 2020, Classmatic built an extensive discography of heaters. Classmatic’s career took off in 2022 with the release of one of his top tracks “Toma Dale” with Nfasis under Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’ renowned label, Hot Creations. Along with other hit tracks in 2022, “El Primer Corazón,” and “Catuca” with Mc Th. Classmatic was throwing down heat around the world and his career got pushed to a whole new level.

In addition to releasing tracks under Hot Creations, Classmatic has also released music under a wide variety of popular record labels. This includes Cloonee’s Hellbent Records, Sosa’s Coco record label, The Martinez Brothers label Cuttin Headz and more.

2023 has shaped up to be another outstanding year for Classmatic as he continues to dominate the international circuit. With live sets at Hi Ibiza, Space Miami, EDC Las Vegas, U.S/Europe Summer Tour, etc. On top of a packed schedule, Classmatic fully launched his own record label, Organic Pieces. Debuting his Lately EP under his label, in collaboration with Prok & Fitch and featuring Leah Rose. As well, having a showcase show for his record label at Club Vibe in Brazil, which you can listen to below. Classmatic was also featured on the cover of House Mag for his 2023 accomplishments.

Things are only looking up for Classmatic as we enter 2024. Bringing along the deep grooves, bumping bass, and energetic rhythms of his noteworthy style. Classmatic without a doubt will have another remarkable year in his career with plentiful surprises along the way. Luckily, Classmatic will be rolling through here at Darkstar in Tempe, this Friday January 12th. You’re not going to want to miss this, for more info and grab your tickets here.

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Source: Techno Mood

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