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Disco Lines, J. Worra, & Anabel Englund Release ‘Cutting Loose’

Disco Lines has been on a roll with seemingly hit after hit. Best known for his track “Baby Girl,” which went viral on TikTok, he’s kept up the momentum by exceeding expectations with every release. Seriously, when is Disco Lines going to drop something mid?

Out today is his latest track, “Cutting Loose,” a house collaboration with J. Worra and singer-songwriter Anabel Englund. Check it out below!

The track tells a story of a decisive break from a relationship and the desire to move forward alone. The words “found the flashing lights, I’m hypnotized / chasing highs just for tonight” implies an escape into nightlife, filled with vibrant lights and momentary highs. The repetition of being “hypnotized” and “chasing highs” underscores a conscious choice to focus on the benefits of the present.

Disco Lines and J. Worra holding Anabel Englund in the palms of their hands

Disco Lines is from Boulder, CO, and has had a passion for music since he was a kid. He recently performed in Arizona at Decadence and also had a show at Maya Dayclub back in August of 2023. He has toured across North America for most of 2023 and recently announced his Wynn Las Vegas residency for 2024. His collaboration with J. Worra and Anabel Englund continues to build on his growing credibility in EDM.

J. Worra, originally from Chicago, has made significant strides in the tech-house scene since her move to Los Angeles. Known for her dynamic DJ sets and distinctive tech-house productions, J. Worra has become a familiar face at major festivals like Coachella, Beyond Wonderland, and HARD among others. She’ll be in Arizona on February 24th at Almost Famous in Scottsdale. Get your tickets here!

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