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Disco Lines Teams Up With Ship Wrek in New Double Drop

Both coming off one of the biggest years in their careers’, Disco Lines and Ship Wrek have been tearing it up. With these two artists, you know that you are going to get a fantastic product, but not many could have called the way that these two artists would blend their style. Opting for a more relaxing vibe to their newest releases, “Peace of Mind” is sure to give you exactly that!  A beautiful blend of drums, midtones and lighter elements, “Peace of Mind” is the perfect addition to any beach or relaxing house playlist. This is complemented by the second single in the December release, “Where Do I Belong?”. Another instant classic, “Where Do I Belong?” contains some ethereal notes accompanied by some creative vocals. Fitting in with the likes of Nora En Pure and Lane 8, these new releases are the perfect songs to study or relax. This release is just what a beginner would need to get into either of these amazing artists!

Disco Lines, one of the fastest growing house artists this year, has been growing his own record label and footprint as an independent producer. Good Good Records, a new project from Disco Lines, has seen immense growth this year through releases such as “Peace of Mind” and “Where I Belong?”. Officially the 6th release from the label, the new tunes, which came just in time for Christmas, were the perfect gift for us to end the year on. We cannot wait to see what happens with Disco Lines next year and to hear more releases from Good Good Records. 

Ship Wrek, Los Angeles duo of Tripp Churchill and Collin Maguire, have taken the house scene by storm. There is no telling when these two will stop, coming together in 2019 the two have been creating with some of the biggest names in the industry. Working with artists such as Skrillex, Diplo, and Tiesto has catapulted their name and image to a widespread audience. Ship Wrek has been able to capitalize on this and cemented themselves as along with some of the house greats. Bringing energy and creativity to their live sets, these two know how to get a dance floor rocking. The newest EP from these two amazing artists is a welcome change of pace which showcases how they were able to blend their sounds together to create something new. Connect with these artists and be sure to follow them as they continue to grow their projects. 

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