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Knocked Loose’s ‘Counting Worms’ Bridging the Gap: Metalcore, Meet Dubstep

Knocked Loose, the dynamic metalcore band hailing from Kentucky, has unexpectedly taken the dubstep world by storm. Their 2017 track, “Counting Worms,” has been reborn and consistently sampled in the realm of bass-heavy music, rightfully resonating with dubstep fans everywhere.

For bassheads, the distinctive sound of dog barks followed by a thunderous bass drop has become unmistakable. This is the essence of “Counting Worms,” now an iconic anthem within the genre. The track’s aggressive energy and unique sound have captivated audiences, leading to its frequent sampling by leading artists such as Kayzo, YVM3, and Getter.

Kayzo, in particular, played a pivotal role in this crossover. His innovative inclusion of “Counting Worms” in his “Unleashed” tour not only introduced metalcore’s intensity to dubstep fans but also set a precedent for genre blending.

This crossover also achieved notable recognition at 2023’s Summoning of the Eclipse Festival in Pelham, Tennessee, curated by Svdden Death. Here, “Counting Worms” reverberated through the festival grounds and allowed the song’s wide-ranging appeal to be highlighted.

While Knocked Loose remains firmly rooted in metalcore, their influence on the dubstep scene through samples has broadened their audience. Fans accustomed to electronic remixes of “Counting Worms” will soon have the chance to experience the band’s true metalcore essence in its full, unadulterated form.

With an upcoming 2024 tour recently announced alongside heavy hitters Show Me The Body, Loathe and Speed, Knocked Loose is set to offer dubstep fans a unique experience: the chance to witness their raw power live. Knocked Loose has a solid reputation in the metalcore scene for dynamic and engaging live shows – this does mean stage dives, mosh and crowd killing. A vibe that metalcore is known to provide and Knocked Loose is sure to deliver.

Knocked Loose’s contribution to dubstep reverberated throughout 2023 and will continue on into 2024. This bridge between genres, connecting metalcore’s raw energy with dubstep’s rhythmic dynamics, is something fans of both genres are looking forward to. If you’re ready to take a step out of EDM and straight into the hard hitting world of Metalcore, this is the perfect opportunity. Knocked Loose shows do sell out, so don’t sleep on presale!

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