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RB Exclusive Interview: Glass Petals

This past year was a big one for Glass Petals. As a brief introduction, Glass Petals is a collaboration project between Felix Cartal and johnnyjover. Each of them are creatives at heart with different beginnings but a shared passion for music. The duo has been releasing since 2018 and recently had one of their biggest hits to date entitled “Stop Time.” You may have heard this track during a set from Chris Lake, FISHER, Dom Dolla, J. Worra, and many others before it was even released. We caught up with johnnyjover of Glass Petals ahead of their tour stops in Albuquerque and Tempe this weekend. Check it out below!

Glass Petals Interview: Felix Cartal & johnnyjover
Glass Petals Interview: Felix Cartal & johnnyjover

How did you guys meet and what led to creating Glass Petals?

We were first introduced to each other through a friend I used to DJ with. He figured we would get along, and he was right. We always thought it be fun to DJ together and that lead to us making music we wanted to play together.

How did you come up with the name Glass Petals?

Felix had the idea of having a name with juxtaposition, and then I came up with a list of, I think, around 300 options, and we just kept refining and refining it until we hit glass petals.

What is your favorite part about working together?

I think the fact that we both come from two different worlds. I started as a DJ, then producer, and Felix producer to DJ. The way we approach creativity always seems to be from a different perspective, which seems to keep things interesting.

What is your typical writing / recording process like?

It’s never the same process; the form constantly evolves and changes. Sometimes, I will come into the studio with an idea or something I created from a live DJ set; other times, Felix will be like…. “Yo, I made this banger in an hour… what do you think?” He’s a machine.

What was it like seeing so many people listening to “Stop Time” during the Chris Lake B2B Fisher Coachella set?

Honestly, it’s a hell of a feeling to see so many people enjoy something that came from a couple of friends getting together to create an idea. It also fuels the motivation to see that an idea can skyrocket so high and end up being played at Coachella in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

What plans do you guys have for 2024?

As much Glass Petals as possible, personally, I am trying to echo out the things that pull me away from the activities that genuinely bring fulfillment to myself, so in a nutshell… as much glass petals creative projects as possible!

Do you have any other upcoming releases or collaborations you’d like to share?

We have a bunch of tracks in the oven right now that will be coming out in early 2024. After ‘Stop Time,’ we wanted to step back, reconfigure the sound and brand, and continue bringing the highest quality glass petals.

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs and producers trying to break into the industry?

Felix and I were talking about how important it is to understand the relationship between yourself and creativity. The highs, lows, good days, the bad days, and the vulnerability of creating. Personally, I’m working on quieting the voice of doubt and fear, continuing with the process, and enjoying all aspects of creation. Understanding that some days or projects will be more enjoyable than others is a relationship to embrace and understand so the art never stops. So, if I were to give any advice to someone who is starting out, it would be to enjoy and respect the process more than the outcome. Pay attention to the details, embrace the hard days just as much as the fun days, and finally, keep going.

Catch Glass Petals at Effex Nightclub in Albuquerque, NM this Friday, January 19th or at Darkstar in Tempe, AZ this Saturday, January 20th. Grab tickets now!

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