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REAPER: Redefining Drum & Bass in America with THE PULSE

You’re tuned into THE PULSE with REAPER – sit back and take notes then realize the sick flow.” These are the words that welcome you into the dynamic world of REAPER presents: THE PULSE, the trailblazing Drum & Bass artist who’s reshaping the genre’s landscape in the United States.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2018, REAPER has carved a unique niche in bass music with over 100 million streams to his name. His journey from a standout debut at Brownies and Lemonade in Los Angeles to international acclaim is a story of relentless passion and innovation.

In the American Drum & Bass realm, REAPER isn’t just making waves; he’s creating a whole new ocean. His collaboration with Insomniac Radio to launch THE PULSE is a game-changer. It’s a gateway for those curious about Drum & Bass, offering an engaging and accessible platform. THE PULSE, continues to have an exceptional lineup of co-hosts like Kumarion, Blossom, and Slippy – it’s a journey through the heart of Drum & Bass, blending familiar sounds with fresh twists.

REAPER’s influence extends beyond his music. His enigmatic presence, marked by his iconic mask, shifts the focus entirely on the music, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the soundscapes he creates. THE PULSE is not just bridging the gap for newcomers; it’s a treasure trove for long-time Drum & Bass fans. The show’s diverse range and quality content make it a staple for anyone looking to dive deeper into the genre.

What sets REAPER apart is his ability to make Drum & Bass highly replayable. Each episode of THE PULSE is a meticulously curated journey through the genre. Whether it’s featuring recordings from his high-energy live performances at festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Beyond Wonderland, or exploring the depths of the genre with his co-hosts, REAPER ensures that every episode is a fresh, engaging experience.

In REAPER’s own journey, we see the unfolding of a new era in American Drum & Bass – one that’s inclusive, vibrant, and full of unstoppable energy. His mantra is clear: Drum & Bass is here to stay, and with THE PULSE, REAPER has a stronghold and is an absolute force in the genre.

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