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Svdden Death Releases Long-Awaited ‘Harbinger’ Album

Svdden Death is continuing his absolute tear, releasing new singles practically every other week, finally leading to the release of his highly ancipated album, Harbinger. This is a part of a huge push from the artist as he continues to increase the amount of music he releases in 2024.

Svdden Death, one of the biggest and baddest names in riddim, has been making music for over a decade. One of the founding and chart-breaking artists who were a staple for the OG riddim label Black Label, Svdden Death has continued to release groundbreaking music long after the label was forced to close its doors. In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Svdden Death acknowledged the vast amount of unreleased songs which he was playing out a live set. He also confirmed that fans can expect to see MUCH more music over the next year, also alluding to the possibility of VOYD III this year. Having seen him five times in 2023, I am able to confirm that the amount of unreleased music from the “moose man” is astounding, having completely unique sets with mostly unreleased IDs. 

Keen-eyed fans will notice that even the name of this album might be signaling a big year for Svdden Death. It has been two years since the release of the absolute masterclass, VOYD Vol. II, and the word ‘harbinger’ means something that signals the approach of another. Many are hoping that this will indicate an upcoming release of VOYD Vol. III. Often using his releases and lore to create the story of a champion traveling through a maze, we cannot wait to see hear more of the amazing releases from Svdden Death throughout the year. 

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