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Excision & ATLiens Join Forces to Melt Faces on ‘Dinosaurs From Outer Space’

Can’t decide between being prehistoric or extraterrestrial? This song is for YOU!

Excision and ATLiens put their heads together to create an amazing song, and we are all the better for it. “Dinosaurs From Outer Space” begins with a dark, atmospheric introduction that leads into intense warnings of “the sky opening up” and “towering dinosaurs with glowing eyes.” Essentially, humanity was minding its own business when GIANT dinosaurs decided to descend down from the stars and pay them a surprise visit, reclaiming what was once their’s. What an awesome and terrifying premise for a song! It is a perfect fit for the Dino DJ himself.

After properly warning us of our imminent doom, intricate drum patterns play in the background, increasing in intensity as we get closer to the first drop. However, these masterful producers have a trick up their sleeves. They reference the song’s title after building up to a “drop”, revving the metaphorical engine a couple of times to tease us. This act of trickery leads us into the actual drop as chunky riffs, sweeping metallic effects, and an incomprehensible scream attack us from all sides. Finger guns engage. Ray gun sounds are also present here, which begs the question: who is armed with ray guns? The horrific dinosaurs from the sky, or the terrified humans futilely trying to fight off these beasts? I love songs that make you think about these kinds of things. Anyways. These ray gun shots greatly increase in number and intensity, leading us into FULL head banging territory. Blaring alarms and rapid fire blasts, and another scream bring this song to a close. The song fades out with digital, computing sounds effects, as if they are trying to estimate the damage done by these monstrous extraterrestrial dinosaurs in real time.

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