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Illenium’s Timeless Touch: Unpacking His Decade-Old Remixes

With Illenium wrapping up his third Trilogy, he’s treated us to five official remixes, most of which date back a decade. Fans celebrated this announcement, eagerly anticipating the studio-quality versions of these tracks that originally endeared us to him. As we gear up for Trilogy Los Angeles, I wanted to dissect each of these tunes, all of which deserve a spot on your playlist.

“Disarm You – Illenium 2015 Remix” by Illenium, Kaskade, Ilsey

Arguably his most anticipated release, Illenium’s 2015 remix of Kaskade’s iconic track propelled him into the spotlight. The song boasts incredible vocals, and the drop delivers a classic old-school Illenium vibe. With future bass synths that define Illenium’s signature sound, the simplicity accentuates the vocals and melody, aiming to bring tears to your eyes.

“Gold Dust – Illenium 2015 Remix” by Illenium, Galantis

My most anticipated Illenium remix, and I’m thrilled it’s finally official. While the original is beautiful, Illenium takes it up a notch. The vocals are stunning, and Illenium’s arrangement, featuring a phoenix’s cry opening up into the melody with future bass elements, is world-class. This one deserves to be on repeat.

“Always This Late – Illenium 2014 Remix” by Illenium, Odesza

Illenium and Odesza, both icons of melodic music, combine forces in this beautiful remix after a decade. The track leans towards the chill side, with Odesza’s vocals serving as sounds, not just words. Ideal for a sunset drive along the ocean, Illenium’s groove complements the overall beauty of the song.

“All I Want – Illenium 2014 Remix” by Illenium, Dawn Golden

While this was a new discovery for me, the well-crafted nature of this song is apparent. The arrangement is impeccable, featuring delightful vocal chops in the buildup. The drop is a wave of pulsating future bass sounds, injecting movement into this slower track. It’s a must-add to your playlist.

“Given The Chance – Illenium 2014 Remix” by Illenium, The Kite String Tangle

What’s truly cool about this remix pack is the distinctiveness of each song. This remix showcases how Illenium can use rhythm as a primary driver in melodies. Unlike the previous track, which had a waviness to it, this one is choppy, with the chops elevating the song and providing the movement it needs to be incredible. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s definitely worth checking out!

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