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Jersey: The New Pulse of French Electronic Music

A new French duo named Jersey is making waves with a fresh approach to electronic music. Comprised of brothers Carl and Renaud, Jersey is redefining the genre with their unique blend of house, UK garage, and Drum & Bass. Their fresh approach, characterized by groundbreaking music and vibrant performances, positions them as one of the most promising newcomers in France’s electronic music scene.

Jersey’s musical adventure began in their family’s basement off the Normandy coast, later transitioning to the underground clubs of Paris. Here, they honed their craft, creating a distinctive sound using analog equipment, which has become a hallmark of their music.

Their debut EP, The World I’m Searching For, is a trance-inducing masterpiece that captures the essence of Jersey’s sound. With tracks like “Talk Tonight” and the titular “The World I’m Searching For,” they’ve managed to blend electronically manipulated voices with their own, creating a sound that’s both familiar and innovative.

Known for their boiler room-esque parties in Paris, Jersey has a knack for creating an immersive live experience. Their music is not just heard but felt, creating a feedback loop of energy with the audience. Their Paris apartment party, where they debuted their EP, showcased their ability to merge music with visual artistry.

Jersey’s music is characterized by its high-energy, optimism, and unique vocal manipulation. They extend their creativity to the visual realm as well, with AI-generated cover art that mirrors their auditory style. Their Instagram features photos with distorted faces, playing with the concept of accessibility and perception. Their use of 360 cameras and AI visuals on platforms like TikTok and Instagram feels like an extension of their artistry, inviting followers to join them on their musical journey. This approach has helped Jersey amass over 100K followers on Instagram, 60K on TikTok, and 11K subscribers on YouTube to date. They recently announced a UK/European tour, set to take them to major cities like Berlin, London, Amsterdam, and more, with half of the shows already sold out.

Jersey’s music has reached over 5 million streams and caught the attention of artists like Fred again.., signaling their potential to be the next big thing in electronica. They have successfully tapped into the global market, with fans from all corners of the world eager for their performances. Their debut EP and live performances have firmly established them as modern-day pioneers in the French electronic scene. As they continue to evolve and push the boundaries of dance music, Jersey stands as a beacon of authenticity and innovation in a world often overwhelmed by digital noise. Keep an eye on this duo as they pave their path in the electronic music landscape.

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