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K Motionz Returns to His Jump Up Roots ‘For Old Times Sake’

Rising UK DnB DJ and Producer, K Motionz pays homage to his beginnings with his latest EP, For Old Times Sake. Journey through the heaviness that is jump up drum and bass with four brand new tracks from K Motionz. Skillfully mixing together elements from the start of his career with a contemporary K Motionz twist. The four tracks of For Old Times Sake bring a wave of the iconic heavy bass, infectious melodies and fast punchy drums of jump up. For Old Times Sake is a testament to the enduring influence of the timeless sounds and ever-evolving nature of drum & bass. Be prepared to venture through the insanity that K Motionz brings to his For Old Times Sake EP.

With the release of For Old Times Sake, K Motionz said the following on his social media platforms:

Today I released 4 Jump Up Tunes. Taking it back to what I grew up on. It was so sick to delve into my old palette of sounds again…”

K Motionz takes fans back to his roots with his For Old Times Sake EP. Bringing back his energizing and hard-hitting sounds of jump up, that played a major role in the launch of his career. His new EP comes jam packed with unexpected surprises at every corner, K Motionz skillfully injects layer upon layer of absolute filth. Each track features special bouncy basslines, atmospheric melodies, aggressive synths, and crisp drum rolls. For Old Times Sake, features mind-boggling collabs from Simula on “Phantasm” and MC ID on “Run Dem.” The entire EP is a unique high-energy tribute to K Motionz original jump up style and his versatility as an artist. 


Today i released 4 jump up tunes. Taking it back to what i grew up on. It was so sick to delve into my old palette of sounds again. ‘For Old Times Sake’ EP is out now. Whats your favourite track? 🤝 #kmotionz #dnb #fyp #reels #drumandbass

♬ original sound – K Motionz

K Motionz has been on a nonstop rise to the top recently, reaching a massive level of success for his dynamic beats and addictive tracks. Whether it be his more fluid airy tracks or his striking electric rollers, K Motionz music adaptability is unmatched in bringing a fresh perspective to the sounds of drum and bass. K Motionz just recently had his US debut back in November at Apocalypse Music Festival, laying down an insane live set. K Motionz keeps a packed schedule of back to back packed shows and releases of absolute belters, so keep him on your radar because things are only looking up for the UK artist.

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