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Knock2: From Bass Drops to Chart Tops – The Journey to ‘nolimit’

When we say we listen to electronic dance music… Knock2 is what we mean.

2024 is already set to be his best year yet. With a raw talent that allows for consistently electric performances, all eyes are on Knock2 and the much anticipated release of nolimit. His rise to prominence is a phenomenon that’s been felt across the spectrum of bass, house, and beyond.

Knock2’s return to Coachella in 2024 is a huge nod to his explosive talent, and it’s clear he’s riding this wave straight into the hearts of festival-goers everywhere. Coachella is just the start – he’s also set to take on some of this years biggest festivals with the largest crowds, like Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and Electric Forest.

The momentum from his thunderous debut at EDC Las Vegas in 2022 set the stage for a stellar 2023, with his room202 EP further solidifying his status as a heavy hitter in the scene. Festival stages around the globe have become his domain, showcasing his skill for creating immersive, high-energy experiences that resonate with fans and critics alike.

Excitement is building for the impending release of nolimit, an album that’s highly anticipated and poised to become the dance music soundtrack of the year. It’s an album expected to not only cement his status as a powerhouse producer, but also catapult him into a legacy of fame that will resonate for years to come. This continuous rise in momentum underscores Knock2’s growing imprint on the electronic music landscape, marking him as not just an artist to watch, but an artist shaping the future of the genre.

In Knock2’s own words, a message of gratitude and vision reflects the essence of his forthcoming album:

“Thank you for embracing my music. You’ve changed my life. Together, we’ve seen that the possibilities are boundless.”

Knock2 – Instagram

As we count down to the release of nolimit, let’s gear up to ride the wave of Knock2’s sound – a wave that promises to carry us to new heights and deeper into exploration of proper dance music. Here’s to 2024 and many more years to come!

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