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MELLODEATH Unleashes ‘CEREMONY,’ The New Anthem for the Underworld

MELLODEATH, the impressive collaboration between Marshmello and Svdden Death, has just launched their newest single, heralding a tour that promises to be a descent into the depths of EDM’s darker side. With this single leading the way, their upcoming tour is shaping up to be a relentless foray into the abyss of sound, where the duo will showcase the ferocity of their united front.

The track kicks off with the brief and resonant sound of war drums, setting a foreboding atmosphere that hints at an impending battle or ritual. This foundation paves the way for the ominous choir that follows, weaving a spell of serene, yet dark harmonies. With a haunting duality, this choir leads into a sudden plunge into heavy dubstep. Something about this track elicits a primal response, a “Ceremony” initiated with intention.

Intention channeled is creation, and they have created a masterpiece.

The cover art, conceived by the visionary Schaffer Brady, reflects the single’s intensity. A spectral entity envelops a radiant orb, a stark symbol of the raw energy at the core of MELLODEATH’s music. Shadowy figures blur the boundary between the ethereal and the grotesque, embodying the track’s ominous otherworldly sound just before it spirals into vicious dubstep.

As they prepare to storm through cities like Chicago and Minneapolis, culminating at the revered Red Rocks, the duo is setting the stage for an experience that transcends a typical show—it’s a pilgrimage for those who crave the heavier, darker side of the spectrum.

Attendees of their upcoming tour should prepare for an onslaught of sound that’s unapologetically fierce. MELLODEATH is coming, redefining the landscape with a sound that’s not for the faint of heart but for those who seek to rage at the edge of darkness.

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