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MLOTIK Returns with Some Fresh Bass on New EP 

2024 is going to be a big year for bass duo MLOTIK. Having completely transformed their image via new visual and sound design, MLOTIK is ready to take on 2024 and to curate their sound into something so distinct that it cannot be mistaken. To start off 2024 in the right direction, they have released another EP, Far Horizons. This new work dives deeper into the deep 140 tempo dubstep similar to that of Deep Dark and Dangerous amongst many other labels.  Following the success of the 2022 Intercal EP released by SubCarbon, MLOTIK took some time over the past year to refine their sound and are prepared to share it to the world this 2024. Blending halftime, 140, and old school dubstep, this newest EP is one you are not going to want to miss. 

Similar to the sound that you would expect from Wakaan or LSDREAM, the bass in this EP is massive. With a futuristic feel, there is nothing quite like sitting back and watching the stars as you listen to the wavy bass. MLOTIK beautifully blends the bass throughout the song so relax and let it roll over you. With spacey reverbs and sound from deep space, this deep dubstep EP is sure to get your speakers shaking. Be sure to stay connected with MLOTIK, as they are planning on releasing more music soon in line with the new darker route they are taking. The darker tone is accompanied by a return to a more old school dubstep sound mixing in a little DnB occasionally. The Denver-based duo are sure to back with more mysterious wubs soon. 

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