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Who Goes Harder, Subtronics or Excision?

Subtronics, with his meteoric rise in 2023, has undeniably secured his spot in the coveted S Tier of Bass music, alongside heavyweights Excision and Zeds Dead. To skeptics questioning Subtronics’ standing, a glance at the 2024 Electric Forest lineup should suffice. Subtronics is headlining a full day, sharing the spotlight with none other than Excision. Let’s delve into their heaviest tracks to settle the burning question: “Who goes harder?”

Subtronics’ highly anticipated release, teased frequently before its official drop, showcases his exceptional music production. The song delivers a non-traditional dubstep drop, opting for a tear-out style that mercilessly shreds anything in its path. A powerful testament to Subtronics’ prowess.

Excision’s opening song in this showdown is one of his iconic collaborations with Illenium. The track starts with a melodic tone, featuring a calm wave bass drop. However, as the second drop approaches, bass notes pierce the space around you, culminating in a distorted explosion of heavy notes. Experience this live, and brace yourself for an overwhelmingly heavy encounter.

Switching back to Subtronics, we explore his remix for Galantis, a track that breathes new life into the well-known “Runaway.” Embracing his angry robot noise persona, Subtronics crafts a dramatically devastating dubstep combo, utilizing samples to create a catchy yet spine-shattering experience for listeners.

A personal favorite, Excision’s track opens his tour for the Apex album with a storytelling first verse and incredible music production. The buildup reaches its zenith, unleashing a heavy growl followed by sharp, hollow dubstep notes that seemingly materialize out of thin air. Warning: take Tylenol in advance if you plan to witness this live—it’s a visceral sonic assault.

While less universally known than other tracks on this list, Subtronics’ hidden gem is an absolute banger deserving of recognition. The first drop takes you on a calm stroll with wavey bass and a high-pitched melody, but the second drop transforms the atmosphere into chaos with a powerful dubstep onslaught. Brace yourself, as this song goes harder than expected.

Closing the showdown is Excision’s collaboration with Wooli—a crowd-pleaser with an iconic buildup and a simple yet devastating drop. When played unexpectedly, the energy of the crowd erupts, making it a true representation of modern-day dubstep and a staple in the bass community.

In the clash of the bass titans, Subtronics and Excision stand tall, each wielding their unique sonic arsenal. The question of “Who goes harder?” remains subjective, as both artists leave an indelible mark on the realm of bass music. Excision is stopping by Tucson this February, get your tickets here!

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