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Artist Spotlight: Turno

Someone who always brings the heat with energized beats and fast basslines, UK DJ and producer Turno (or Francesco Moliterno) is known worldwide for his high powered style. With an extensive discography of absolute bangers, Turno continues to create music from a wide spectrum of DnB subgenres and other music. He isn’t afraid to break the boundaries of genres and social limitations placed within electronic music. Turno uses inspiration from a variety of genres and prioritizes expanding his producing abilities, which has made him a leading artist in the drum & bass scene.

For over a decade, Turno has been mixing and producing music. Starting out at a young age, Turno refined his style and worked to grow his career. From the beginning of his career Turno had always been a versatile artist. Venturing through his extensive discography you can hear tracks with the classic sounds of DnB, jungle, jump up, liquid, house, grime, and so much more. His growth as an artist can be heard through his early music with tracks like “Dancehall,” “Badman Nah Beg Fren,” and his first album, the Power LP. His hard work didn’t go unnoticed, Turno worked with many producers, MCs, and labels. Including, A.M.C, Dominator, Majistrate, Playaz Recordings, Titan Records, etc.

Turno’s passion and infectious energy has furthered massive growth in his career in more recent times. Turno has jumped deeper into making genre-bending music and worked to elevate his sound. Releasing back to back heaters including some of his top tracks like “Polarity” with Kanine, “Lunar,” and “High Roller.” Along with launching his own clothing brand Time Is Now. Around this time Turno also dropped his sophomore album DNA, which was a huge leap for him. DNA showcased Turno’s versatility and came packed with genre-defying tracks. From house, techno, bassline, and of course his iconic DnB beats, Turno aimed to expose fans to a variety of fresh sounds from his exploration of sounds and embodied a musical journey.

Turno – DNA Interview: Behind The Album

Turno’s music highlights important heartfelt messages and aims to spread positivity within the beats. After his brothers passing to suicide in 2021, Turno prioritized spreading awareness of men’s mental health with his music, charities, and other awarness campaigns. In honor of his brother, Turno released his grime track “What’s On Your Mind” featuring Phizi, Mylee Dan, Too Lippy and LOQ. The track embodied a deep emotional message that expressed the importance of mental health. Turno later released a DnB version of “What’s On Your Mind” on World Mental Health Day. The track reached top 40 singles in the UK and profits were donated to the mental health charity, Mind.

 Turno and his family also shared the story of his brother Fabio on an episode of We Are England, advocating for men’s mental health awareness. He also hosted a seminar addressing mental health with DnB Allstars titled “What’s On Your Mind? Mental Health Seminar 2022.” Turno’s work with bringing awareness to men’s mental health has been truly impactful and transformative, especially within the scene. 

Even after being faced with such adversity, Turno continued to strive to spread love, positivity, and be a shining light of energy. The last few years, Turno has experienced so much growth keeping a packed international touring schedule, an absolutely destructive DnB Allstars 360 set, releasing chart-topping rollers like “Rave Out” with Skepsis and Charlotte Plank, “Killer” and so much more. Turno is also very active on his youtube channel, consistently posting vlogs of his experiences traveling the world, touring, and making music.

Turno’s hard work and determination has made him an exceptional artist and a legend on the decks. Turno will be coming to Tempe for an electrifying night of his high energy rollers. Bringing along DJ and producer, Craze, together the two will be hosting a night of insanity. Turno will be at Sunbar in Tempe, April 6th; you can get more info and grab your tickets here.

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