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Champagne Drip & 9 Theory Collaborate on ‘Drip Theory’ EP

Champagne Drip & 9 Theory have teamed up for the WAKAAN-released EP titled Drip Theory.

“AI Butterfly” starts off this joint EP on a high note with its glistening introduction, majestic and emotional vocals, and meaningful lyrics. “I’ll be the one wrapped up in covers. Turning to steel from flesh and bone. And when I awake I’ll cast my shadow with big metal wings I can call my own,” sings the vocalist over the glistening introduction. We are only about a minute into this EP and I already have chills and have teared up a bit. “AI Butterfly” is a beautiful way to start this EP and a great collective choice made by all involved.

The drums accelerate rapidly as the vocals begin to trail off. “AI, AI BUTTERFLY” declares a vocal sample, as we are lead into a drop. This drop is chunky, galactic, and GORGEOUS. All trademarks of Champagne Drip’s unique sense of production. The bass and illustrious sound effects seem to flap their metaphorical wings in and out, akin to the song’s namesake. Nice touch, gents! The drop leads us into a second instrumental verse, with melodic synth lines, chugging bass, and intergalactic spirals. We are once again joined by the vocalist. However, this time, he is backed by steady percussion and beautiful keys while repeating the emotional lyrics from the first chorus. A melodic bridge leads us to an increase in tempo as we are hit with a second (even HEAVIER) drop. Intricate keys and a new digital melody bring this incredible song to a close. What a way to begin.

“The Light You Can Follow” begins with ambient sound effects reminiscent of both nature and space, as ominous violins, whistling, and distorted bass join in from all sides. Upon first listen, I am not entirely sure what is happening or where this is going, but I am strapped in and ready for whatever CD and 9T have in store. This clashing of vibes is shattered by an absolutely MASSIVE wall of bass. Bass that lurches around while demanding your full attention. Feral drums and the aforementioned bass wall keep the beat chugging along, as a subtle tone flows in and out, almost tauntingly so. This is a powerful song with BIG energy that is impossible to ignore. WOW is all I really have to say. I think it is safe to say that 9 Theory provides the vocals on this project. He does a GREAT job.

This song then makes such a drastic shift that I had to go back forty seconds or so to make sure that I wasn’t just hearing things. Shattering all expectations once again. This has been an incredible listening experience so far. I will not give any more away, in an effort to preserve as much of my organic listening experience for you as possible. Play this one full at blast.

Next up is the third song on the EP, “Fireflies” which starts off with guitar of all things. WOW. You already have my attention. Proceed. “Fireflies” features dynamic vocals courtesy of 9 Theory. The lyrics are emotional and effective: “try to fight the cold but it’s all around.” Clap effects lead us into our first drop, which is not as heavy as the drops in the previous two tracks. This is a perfect fit with the lighter, more airy instrumentals present within “Fireflies” and provides us with a nice change of pace. There are numerous melodies layered on top of each other that all work in synch to paint the full picture of this track. The drop also showcases some of Champagne Drip’s patented “bubbly” production that is immediately recognizable. A second, beefier drop caught me off guard and lead to immediate scrunchy bassface (you know the one) as guitars as piano bring this song to close. Gorgeous.

“Nightrunner” closes the EP out with a similar ambient, atmospheric introduction with subtle cymbal or hi-hat taps present. Jazz-like piano comes in out of NOWHERE, which caused me to start the song over again. This seems to have become a pattern. By this point, Drip Theory has disarmed of any and all expectations. This is due to the sheer number of times that I have been caught off guard by the production choices of this incredible duo. Anyways, slithering snake-like effects and jazz-like drum fills lead us into a marching beat. Ahhhh yes. The Wonk. “UHH” Vocal effects bounce off the bass as a galactic synthesizer comes into the picture. The wubs that we get here even take on a jazz-like rhythm and bounce to them. What is going on?! “Nightrunner” is super interesting and melodic, while incorporating many different genres into it. What a way to close out such a stellar EP.

This is an INCREDIBLE album with a priceless first listening experience. I started songs over several times due to being caught off guard, while trying to hear and document as many sounds within them as possible. Vocals aside, I am not sure how much input 9 Theory had on the other aspects of production. Some elements here feel strictly Champaign Drip, while some are new and unexpected. Regardless, this is an effective joint effort and I highly recommend this EP to all fans of EDM or anyone curious about the genre as a whole.

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