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International Artist Series: Meet Lady Faith

Lady Faith’s sound, a fusion of hard house, hard trance, and eventually hardstyle, encapsulates her evolution as an artist and a person. The characteristics of hardstyle music—its fast-paced beats, synthesized melodies, and distorted sounds—are emblematic of Lady Faith’s own journey: energetic, defiant, and always pushing boundaries. Her tracks like “Moxie” and “Queen Bitch of the Universe” not only resonate with her fans but also echo her story of unwavering determination and her transformative musical journey.

Hardstyle is a genre not for the faint of heart, yet it is this vigorous sound that Lady Faith has harnessed, transforming it into a vessel for her fiery spirit and technical prowess. As a DJ, her skills are unquestionable, but as a producer, she’s a Hardstyle power house.

Beyond her studio successes, Lady Faith’s live performances are where her hard-hitting beats and charismatic presence truly resonate. From dusty deserts to the grand stages of EDC, she captures the hearts of “the Faithful”—her dedicated fans—with each drop and transition. Her mastery over the decks has crowned her America’s Hardstyle queen, a title she wears with pride as she pushes the boundaries of the genre.

In essence, Lady Faith is more than just a DJ or a producer; she is a huge part of the Hardstyle movement in North America. Each performance is an invitation to experience the raw power of Hardstyle through the lens of a woman who has turned adversity into artistry. With Lady Faith at the helm, the scene is not only growing—it’s thriving, pulsating with the same undaunted energy that she brought with her from Iran. This is the narrative of Lady Faith: the Hardstyle warrior, the pioneer, the embodiment of unapologetic passion and musical brilliance.

Catch Lady Faith at Darkstar in Tempe, AZ on April 12th! Secure your tickets here.

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