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Zingara & Jessica Chertok Galaxy Hop on ‘The Stars Are Calling Me’

The new collaboration between Zingara and Jessica Chertok is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Streaming on all platforms RIGHT NOW. Go check it out.

Zingara and Jessica Chertok have teamed up for “The Stars Are Calling Me,” a cerebral and intricate track that traverses galaxies, dimensions, and time and space as we know it. And physics (probably). The album art work is just as trippy as the song itself, complete with a three-eyed human (and cat), mushroom/flower hybrids, and untied shoes. NEAT. The vocals on “Stars” are surreal and elegant, perfectly contrasted by thick wubs, bass, and GORGEOUS piano. “Stars” is also back by a train horn and drums that are steady and not overpowering. Subtle details like these really add to the overall mood of the track. “Stars” slithers and wubs at a mid-tempo pace, with wonky drops and this song shines on numerous fronts. Lyrics are no exception. The lyrics sing of a sort of longing. Whether the stars long for the artists or vice-versa, there is something there.

“I know they’re listening. I feel it in my flesh and blood. I hoped and wished for it. And now it’s close enough to touch.”

The lyrics perfectly capture the celestial meeting between the aforementioned stars and producers. “Stars” is a passionate and beautiful song that shows off the talents of everyone involved and will definitely be making the rounds in my rotation for the next few weeks. Listen ASAP for a galactic treat. ENJOY.

Zingara is currently out on her The Code of Dreamz Tour, which runs from now until late May 2024 with various special guests.

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