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5 Essential GorillaT Tracks to Prepare You for Shaq’s Bass All Stars: Phoenix!

Denver producer GorillaT is rising through the dubstep ranks and is set to appear on Day One of Shaq’s Bass All Stars: Phoenix this weekend. GorillaT is known for his wonky, euphoric, and mesmerizing style and iconic gorilla avatar. Don’t miss out on a set from this rising star.

Wonky Walk

This is the first song that I heard by GorillaT, so I figured it was the best place to start. “Wonky Walk” lives up to its name and delivers a wonky, wubby waltz of a song. It starts out with a calm and atmospheric introduction that perfectly mixes acoustic and electronic elements. Steadily rising synths, bass, and drums lead us to a countdown.

“It goes a one, and a two, and a three. AND IT GOES LIKE!”

This countdown leads into a wonky bass drop worthy of the song’s namesake. The rhythm of this drop is WILD and causes involuntarily head bobs. “Wonky Walk” is a perfect song for strutting around in public. I have received several curious looks from passersby as I wobble along to the beat. This is a euphoric confidence booster of a song. Well Done, Sir!


If I am not mistaken, this is the second song that I heard by GorillaT, which probably explains its place on this list. “Amnesia” is a philosophical dream of a song that begins with a soundbite from a possible philosopher or guru. Soothing harps and pleasant strings are accompanied by drums that gradually increase in both tempo and intensity.

“Every story needs a beginning” states the narrator as we are greeted by a spiraling, radiant bass drop. This is a wonky slow dance for the ages. A cerebral journey through interdimensional waves of sound.


“Personal” is a relatively recent addition to my knowledge of GorillaT’s music. Hearing this song for the first time and the recent Shaq Bass Fest announcement (in which GorillaT is set to appear) directly inspired the creation of this article. “Personal” is chill, laid back, and self-confident all in one convenient auditory package. The song begins with sounds and rhythm reminiscent of a good old-fashioned circus, while airy vocal samples can be heard in the background.

“Ladies and gentlemen, lend me your ears!”

“Take It personal!”

These vocal bridges and subtle squeaks bring us into the drop. A melodic mid tempo masterpiece. I am a big fan of the subtle video game-esque sound effects that come in during the second half of the drop. This little detail is actually one of the things that keeps me coming back. Everything is executed masterfully.

Wiley – Step 20 (GorillaT Flip)”

This flip was a last-minute inclusion that I discovered while copying over the links of the other songs. GorillaT’s flip of this song effortlessly blends different genres and vibes for a well-rounded experience.

The vocals on this one are likely ripped from a previous Drum and Bass song, based on their style and delivery. GorillaT’s version of this song starts out with a bit of an Arabian/Egyptian flair, as the vocals spin simultaneously in the background. The DnB-inspired verses absolutely SMACK here, as the song turns WONKY. The bass bounces in rhythm with the rap verses, shifting with each change in vernacular and delivery. This flip wobbles at an incredible rate as we soon (briefly) return to the initial feel of the song.

“Imagine (feat. Mport)”

Last but not least comes a song off of GorillaT’s first full-length project Tales of a Stoned Ape titled “Imagine.” Wizard of Wonk, Mport, also makes an appearance here. This is perhaps the most cerebral song on this list. “Imagine” takes you to previously unexplored worlds and dimensions. “Imagine” is simply beautiful. The vocals are haunting and the drops are bouncy. Gorilla T and Mport’s unique styles are fully present here and mesh together perfectly. “Imagine” goes from a mid-tempo wonderland to HEAVY bass and BIG, exalted crescendos. The second drop is off the chain!! It is twice as wonky as the previous one and demonstrates a much more diverse soundscape than the previous one. Another certified knockout from GorillaT!

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