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SIDEPIECE & Disco Lines Unleash Pre-Summer House Bop, ‘Give It To Me Good’

SIDEPIECE (a duo comprised of Nitti Gritti and Party Favor) and Disco Lines have released a preemptive summer track titled “Give It To Me Good” to help us greet the warmer weather. The cover of the single is a psychedelic masterpiece, complete with lipped flowers, geometric patterns, and a pair of skeleton women. These patterns feature a kaleidoscopic combination of purple, pink, green, orange, yellow, and blue, really grabbing the listener’s attention. This cover encapsulates the intricate auditory details contained within the song. Fortunately, the song lives up to the hype created by this amazing single cover.

The song begins with a repeating vocal sample reciting the title over sweeping bass and drums, while keeping with the “four-on the-floor” rhythm pattern that the House genre is known for. The Hi-Hats that are also frequently associated within the genre are present here, sharp as ever! This creates a natural head-bobbing motion within the listener. “Give It To Me Good” features flirtatious lyrics, such as:

“You, me and a glass of wine. Got me working up an appetite. Oh yeah I’m begging you (begging you). Two-hundred Fahrenheit, sweat dripping off the walls tonight!”

Subtle, precise bass lines and glorious synths rise up, as the each element comes together perfectly. The vocals repeat and change in rhythm, as the synths and bass become much more prominent. A quick breakbeat and a cappella vocals lead us into our first drop. In this drop, the Hi-Hats are king, seamlessly tying everything together. The bass steadily rides along in lockstep with the drums in perfect syncopation. Suddenly, horned instruments straight out of a spy thriller come into the picture. This gives the song a mysterious, almost tropical vibe to it. Truly unexpected! The chorus then repeats, with clap effects in between the vocals that compliment the Hi-Hats well. SIDEPIECE and Disco Lines then take things in an entirely different direction.

A precarious wave of bass akin to a crashing tsunami then takes over. This ‘wave’ comes in two separate bursts. In the beginning, the collaborating artists had my curiosity. Now they have my full, unbridled attention. The vocals shift in rhythm and tone yet again, as writhing bass slithers around drums that gradually increase in tempo. I feel another drop coming on! The bass follows the split pattern of the drum effects, launching us into orbit simultaneously, like a screaming rocket ship. This (briefly) brings the tone of the song into a much darker direction, quickly returning to its original tone seconds later. WOW! What a shift. Another wave of bass brings us into the second drop. However, this one flips the standard EDM formula on its head, going from heavy to soft. This is yet another way that these artists defy the expectations of a genre that they have mastered. The horned instruments come in one last time, as the song ends on a vocal sample. Another trend-defying move by these artists.

I did not know what to expect coming into this song, but it fires on ALL CYLINDERS. This is a genre-defying track that exemplifies the talents of the incredible artists behind the decks. The numerous and unexpected twists and turns that are thrown at us make this a mind-blowing essential for your next playlist. “Give It To Me Good” is an absolute journey from start to finish and I cannot WAIT to see it live. Click the links below to connect with these PHENOMENAL artists and hear more.

Connect with Disco Lines: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | SoundCloud

Connect with SIDEPIECE: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | SoundCloud

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