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SLANDER Set to Shake Old Town Scottsdale on Cinco de Mayo

SLANDER is set to make a splash at Maya on Cinco de Mayo, promising to send bass shockwaves through Old Town Scottsdale. Catching them at an intimate venue during daylight hours is a rare treat for bass lovers, and they’re flocking to the day club ready to headbang their hearts out. Known for consistently dropping bangers, SLANDER has earned global recognition for both their production prowess and electrifying live performances, boasting monumental hits like “Love is Gone.” With a deep discography to explore, I’m eager to share five of my favorite SLANDER tracks, steering clear of their more widely known song, with the hope that you’ll stumble upon a new SLANDER gem!

“Broken” by SLANDER, Kompany, fknsyd

Dropped just one day before kicking off their Alchemy Tour with Seven Lions, Nghtmre, and Glitch Mob, this track is an absolute bass powerhouse. Fknsyd’s incredible vocals set the stage for a dubstep journey of epic proportions. The first drop hits with mind-melting bass and high-pitched riffs tearing through space, while the second takes a melodic turn, soaring over dub notes with powerful chords.

“Gravity” by SLANDER, Subtronics, JT Roach

While this might be the most recognized track on my list, it’s impossible to overlook its production mastery. JT Roach’s vocals shine on this lengthy track, perfectly complemented by SLANDER and Subtronics’ impeccable drops. The first drop hits with typical dubstep intensity, but it’s the signature high-pitched sound in the second that adds a whole new dimension. Brace yourself for the spectacular final drop, a theatrical melodic bass onslaught heavy on the synths.

“Miss You” by SLANDER, Ganja White Night

When two bass titans collaborate, you know you’re in for something special, and “Miss You” delivers just that. The vocals, simple yet hauntingly beautiful, capture the complex emotion of longing. The first drop dives into future bass territory, boasting heavy synths and vocal chops, while the second unleashes Ganja White Night’s signature growls, taking listeners on a bass-infused journey to another realm.

“So Long” by SLANDER, Juliana Chahayed

Despite being one of their lesser-known tracks, “So Long” shines as a testament to SLANDER’s production prowess. Juliana Chahayed’s stunning vocals steal the spotlight, driving this heaven trap masterpiece. With classic drops featuring heavy synths intertwined with beautiful melodies, this is the kind of song that hooks you from the first listen and refuses to let go.

“Hate Being Alone” by SLANDER, Dylan Matthew

This track marks SLANDER’s first solo dubstep venture, and it hits hard. Dylan Matthew’s vocals, a staple in many SLANDER productions, shine brightly, driving the intensity of the drop. The dubstep onslaught is a flurry of intricately placed bass notes, guaranteed to obliterate your sense of space and time. Give it a spin and feel the power!

With an arsenal of incredible tracks and a reputation for mind-blowing live performances, SLANDER’s upcoming show at Maya on Cinco de Mayo is not to be missed. Grab your tickets here for an unforgettable bass experience!

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