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SubDocta & Tyro Drop Enchanted Collaboration: ‘Black Magic’

I received a notification from Apple Music about this BassRush, SubDocta x Tyro drop towards the end of Pauline Herr’s set last weekend and knew what I was going to listen to on the ride home. I ordered a driverless car after a late-night snack on Mill Ave and immediately threw this on while cresting over the Tempe Town Lake bridge. The lights covering the bridge’s railings added to the overall vibe of the first listening experience. According to the Instagram post below, this one is “TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING,” adding onto the initial hype that I already felt for this drop.

A dubstep storm is brewing on “Black Magic,” as rain and thunder effects combine with circus and Sahara desert inspired sounds, creating an introduction inspired by a diverse set of influences. Perfect for the location and setting of this first impression. The song quickly switches to the sonic equivalent of drifting through space while dodging black holes and asteroids. Metallic keys, bubbles of bass, and intergalactic squeaks work in tandem with the fast drums to build tension and anticipation. A high-pitched vocal sample trails off as a sample of Gene Wilder’s performance in Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein yells, “IT’S ALIVE!”

Adding a classic horror-comedy to the list of this song’s inspirations. Dubstep is SO COOL. After this literal cinematic moment, enter the first drop, a cybernetic mid-tempo bassfest. A variety of Wah-Wah’s, womp womp’s, and plenty of wubs dance around in an almost gelatinous manner. The drums keep up a steady beat as sonic lasers shoot off in all directions. A glistening bridge leads to more vocal samples, glitchy crash effects, and a high-octane free style bass section, before Gene Wilder returns. The song concludes with thick, classic dubstep breakdowns, mixing contemporary style choices even more influences. Check this one out if you are a fan of Horror, the talented artists behind the track, and any of the numerous influences discussed above.

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