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Catch BUNT. Live: A Night of Bass, Beats, & Boundless Energy

When I caught Gryffin at Red Rocks in 2023, there was this DJ opening up for him named BUNT. I had no idea who he was at the time, but after that performance, I was hooked. Not only does he produce incredible music in a genre that’s quickly gaining popularity (stutter house), but his story is touching. He was on the verge of quitting music after many years, only to give it one more shot, and now he’s finding success. You can tell he’s genuinely passionate about the music he produces, and he’s an amazing soul. I’m incredibly excited that we’ll get the chance to see BUNT. live at Sunbar in Tempe, AZ on August 2nd! To get you ready, here are five of my favorite BUNT. songs. Add these to your pregame playlist!

“Peace in Silence” by BUNT., Nate Traveller

This is an incredible song, with both an amazing drop and emotional lyrics. It talks about finding peace in silence, and while the message is simple, its emotional impact is profound. In the drop, BUNT. does an incredible job layering vocal patterns over the beat, creating complexity and movement.

“Moment” by BUNT.

BUNT. absolutely nailed this track, showcasing the creative possibilities in the stutter house genre. The beautiful lyrics speak about finding peace and living in the moment. The melody in the drop flows intricately, adding layers to the track and pairing perfectly with the stutter house beat.

“Clouds” by BUNT., Nate Traveller

This is BUNT.’s most popular song for good reason. It’s truly the catalyst for his career, and the sight of him touring with an actual cloud suspended over the decks is something to behold. Another stutter house gem, this one makes you feel like you’re soaring above the clouds, reveling in nature’s beauty.

“Renaissance” by BUNT., VisionV

My personal favorite BUNT. song, this one is cinematic with incredible chord progression setting up the drop. The aggressive stutter house beat keeps the energy high, making it a must-listen track.  This is a track that’s best experienced live, and is what I am looking forward to the most when seeing him at Sunbar.

“Lost My Mind (Wake Up)” by BUNT., Elley Duhe

While still delivering the stutter house vibe, this song leans more towards house, yet still packs a punch. Elley Duhe’s talent shines through, and combined with the song’s structure, it gives the feeling of letting go and embracing the moment.

BUNT. has captured the attention of many and continues to expand his discography with bangers. With increasing momentum and popularity, it’s only a matter of time before he’s featured on more lineups. Don’t miss him at Sunbar on August 2nd. Get your tickets here!

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