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John Summit & Sub Focus Release Hotly Anticipated DNB Collab ‘Go Back’  ft. Julia Church

In the world of electronic music, collaborations are often the driving force behind the creation of some of the industry’s most unique and genre-blending hits. The latest collaboration to take over the scene is John Summit and Sub Focus’ dreamy drum & bass track, “Go Back,” featuring mesmerizing vocalist Julia Church. 

Since the initial glimpse of John Summit and Sub Focus in the studio together, fans have eagerly awaited this release (especially after Summit debuted it live at Coachella last month). “Go Back” is a captivating track that seamlessly blends the signature styles of John Summit and Sub Focus. It’s a sonic listening journey that blends pulsating basslines, intricate drum patterns, and complex rhythms. Julia Church’s soulful and ethereal vocals add an extra layer of depth and emotion that helps elevate the track to new heights. 

Of the release, John Summit shared:

“I’ve always loved drum and bass and knew I wanted to combine my sound with it somehow. As a fan of Sub Focus and his use of combining strong vocals with infectious melodies, similarly to my style, I knew there was potential. Being able to come together and truly combine our two styles worked out even better than we both anticipated. Seeing the crowds’ reactions to our production + Julia Church’s incredible vocals has been unreal!”

Sub Focus adds: “I’ve always thought mine and John’s styles were quite similar but we lived in different genres so I was excited to get the chance to work together when he was over here on tour. We came up with the idea of speeding up the tempo in the middle of the song between House and Drum n Bass inspired by a drum and bass remix of Lil Louis – French Kiss that I used to love back in the day. It’s been amazing to see crowds from around the world respond to the song and the energy uplift that this tempo change creates.

John Summit and Sub Focus each have a strong track record of delivering electrifying masterpieces that push boundaries and captivate audiences. “Go Back” not only showcases the immense talent of both of them as individuals but also highlights the power of creative synergy. It’s a testament to the ability of DJs and producers to come together, merge their unique sounds, and create something truly special. “Go Back” is a timeless anthem that will echo the feelings of nostalgia and euphoria for years to come.

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