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LSDREAM & Ruby Chase Release Spiritual Collaboration, ‘Paradox’

Wonk Wizard LSDREAM and EDM guest star Ruby Chase have combined forces to bring us on a calming, meditative journey through the cosmos. The release, titled “Paradox,” combines LSDREAM’s signature production style with the enchanting vocals of Ruby Chase. The lyrics have a seemingly contradictory nature about them, living up to the track’s title.

The song begins with beautiful keys, soothing harps, and Ruby Chase’s intergalactically tuned vocals. “Floating out to the edge of eternity. Breaking ground while the sky is holding me. Eyes closed so I can see clearly. I pray to nothing and everything,” sings Ruby Chase, as ethereal, electronic flutes make their presence known. Snapping effects and heartbeat-like drum patterns provide a solid backbone for the track to expand upon, as the verse continues: “diving in at the edge of eternity. How can I find strength in fragility? I’m holding space in the density. A wise fool hears silence so deafening. I got it all when I let it go. I couldn’t rise without the fall. It’s a paradox, a mystery. I am surrender and the victory.” The back-and-forth contradictions in lyrics are an absolute mood and I am here for them 100%!

The production kicks into full gear, as gorgeous effects reminiscent of the famed “Rainbow Road” Mariokart track twist around buzzing bass and echoing vocal effects, courtesy of Ruby Chase herself. The wubs and bass increase in intensity, moving along at a steady mid-tempo pace, wonking about in rhythm with the vocals. The chorus is repeated, as the vocals become more distorted. The keys take over once again as a hypnotic hum draws further into the beat, taking a quick break from the wonks and wubs that LSDREAM is best known for.

Laser effects come into the picture, as we are greeted by a message that states: “Cosmic Upgrade: Complete!”, while a brain massage of bass pleasantly tingles the senses. Drum fills lead us back into the wonks, as undercurrents of bass roll in and out like the tide. The percussion steadily rocks, as shimmering effects and vocals transport us to an intergalactic state of meditation. “Paradox” concludes with more “Rainbow Road” effects, Ruby Chase vocals, and a gradual fade out back to the milky way.

This track brings out the strengths of both artists and is a great introduction to both LSDREAM and Ruby Chase, respectively. Ruby Chase is one of my favorite recurring guest vocalists in the EDM scene and she really shows her stuff here. Her euphoric vocals pair well with the seamless production of the legendary LSDREAM, creating a great jam to chill and meditate to. “Paradox” is gorgeously produced and should be a mainstay in any of your vibey summer playlists. Enjoy!

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