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MYTHM Releases Debut Album, ‘Mind Of Madness’ 

MYTHM is quickly becoming a staple on bass lineups across the country. Starting out in Canada in 2019, MYTHM has been releasing tunes which are inspired by many different genres. Similar in style and sound to some of the most popular artists in the UK such as Alex Perez and Visages, MYTHM has found a great blend of dubstep, deep dub, drum & bass, and others just to name a few. His unique style and sound does not quite qualify into any one of those genres, which is evidenced on his most first full length album, Mind of Madness

Within this 12-track release, there are all of the best deep dub drums that you could need. With fantastic bass lines and simple, drum and bass inspired, drum patters there is no telling where MYTHM will stop. If you are a fan of 1985 music or any of the deeper UK drum and bass, MYTHM is one you NEED to check out. His ability to weave lyrics throughout the tunes gives his songs a uniquely brooding tone. He has taken inspiration from the UK grime and drum and bass scenes and given it a classic Canadian twist to end up with one of the darkest albums of the year. This is one Deadbeats release that you are not going to want to miss. Be sure to check out Mind of Madness, out now on all platforms. 

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