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OMNOM & Odd Mob Unveil ‘The Unexplained,’ HYPERBEAM’s Debut EP

Odd Mob and OMNOM have had us “Losing Control” at every single one of their releases this past year. Together, they have been producing some of the most irresistible hits in the industry, and now they have formally united under the new moniker, HYPERBEAM. The duo’s debut EP, The Unexplained, is out now via Insomniac Records.

After a series of high-ranking collaborations, the duo returns to Insomniac for their first-ever EP as HYPERBEAM. Combining their signature avant-garde techniques with minimal, house, and techno influences, they produce uniquely ominous rhythms and hallucinatory atmospheric elements. The Unexplained opens with the captivating club classic, “All Day, All Night,” offering a glitchy, otherworldly immersion with fast-paced intensity. Up next is the energizing fresh cut “Reading My Mind” featuring Sarah de Warren. “Mind Awake, Body Asleep” and “Okay Fine” then entice listeners with a heart-pounding beat and sensuous vocal samples to round out the EP.

Of the release, OMNOM shared:

“The whole mentality behind HYPERBEAM has always been for us to just have fun with it. All of it really just stems from us trying to create something very new and different from what people have come to expect from our solo projects both sonically and visually.” He adds, “I’ve never been part of a duo, so the whole creative and touring process has been very refreshing for me, and I’ve learned so much since we started working together. We always manage to have a good laugh in the studio and somehow we always end up writing some crazy shit… you can’t really ask for more than that.”

Odd Mob adds:

“This EP is heavy. Combining elements of techno, bass house, blog house and tech house it’s a club focussed compilation of stuff thrown together in chaotic fun filled studio sessions” 

Odd Mob and OMNOM are possibly one of the greatest pairings to arrive in the past few years. The Unexplained EP showcases their innovative and boundary-pushing sound as HYPERBEAM. It’s safe to say, we’re already keen for more HYPERBEAM.

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