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Perry Wayne x Brainrack to Mesmerize Darkstar Tempe with the ‘Sounds of Invasion Tour’

Dallas, Texas producer Perry Wayne and Philadelphia-based Brainrack are teaming up with Aftershock and Relentless Beats to bring the Sounds of Invasion Tour to Darkstar: Tempe’s home for the best bass music around. The show is scheduled to take place on Friday, June 7th. Be there to witness The Invasion first-hand.

“Andante for Synths” is the incredible opening track on The Sounds of Invasion EP. It features a harmonious introduction with bright keys, synths, and strings. Glistening violins can be heard underneath the other elements, meshing together perfectly in a beautiful symphony. Sweeping electronic effects can also be found throughout the beginning of the track. The introduction concludes with a slight increase in tempo and some HEAVY bass. The vocals that greet us help to tie the rest of the song to these changes in tone. Heavy drums bounce off of the vocals in an effortless way, as numerous layers of glitchy effects keep us in suspense. As we get closer to the drop, the bass gets even HEAVIER and more distorted. Up-tempo synths and percussion keep the party going as we DROP. The drop is HEAVY and sludgy. It briefly stops, as a robot voice declares “I want to kill every-” before swiftly continuing the drop, which only gets heavier from there. We are then brought back to the melodic start that we had, tied together with the additional layers of synths and bass found along the way. Stream this one FOR SURE.

“Thinking of you” by Brainrack starts off with thunderclaps, a flute, and a voicemail message box.

“Hey. It’s me. I know we haven’t spoken in a while and things have been weird.. But I still think about you a lot. Do you think about me?”

A woman’s voice speaks into the phone, leaving a message for whomever they decided to ring up. The fact that she said “it’s me” implies that the recipient of the voicemail message should know who it is based solely on voice and tone. This small detail makes this introduction even more haunting.

“I’ve been thinking about you” vocal samples echo as the bass and drums creep in, gradually increasing in intensity. We are then led into our first drop. A wubby masterpiece that inspires a natural groove and wobble. Spiraling bass and iridescent lasers dance around the “I’ve been thinking about you” samples, as clap effects help keep everything balanced. The song keeps up a similar melody after the drop. Rapid drums lead into the second drop, which takes on a more metallic feel than the first, but is just as wompy. This is a great introduction to Brainrack’s style and sound.

Tickets for the Sounds of Invasion Tour stop at Darkstar on June 7th be found HERE. Do not miss out on an opportunity to see two incredible rising stars in the dubstep scene work their magic.

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