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Riddim Rats: New Zubah is Here 

For all my fellow feral riddim fans, one of the biggest names in the past five years is back once again. That is right, Zubah has returned to release some new music ahead of the festival season. He was not messing around, bringing some of the heaviest chopped up bass so far this year Zubah continues to impress. Hailing from Atlanta, Zubah has been making music for over a decade. From 2012 to now, Zubah has been releasing only the most unhinged riddim. This most recent single, “Skull Crack,” comes for blood with the insane bass and wild mids which are sure to make your feet move. 

There is no doubt that Zubah knows how to get a crowd moving. Whether it is with his melodic bass lines that are perfect to headbang to or his high knees chopping tunes, he will leave you exhausted at the end of any set. His new single, “Skull Crack,” is sure to make you headbang like your life depends on it, just be sure to be aware of those around you so you don’t end up with your own skull cracked. If you love Zubah, riddim, or just want to come out for a crazy night of headbanging and raging, be sure to come out to Darkstar this July 6th, when he opens for GorillaT. You can get tickets here! He will also be heading to Effex Nightclub in Albuquerque on August 23rd. Tickets for that show are available here.

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