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Techno Icon KLOUD Set to Take Over Sunbar This June

KLOUD is a dark techno mastermind whose mix of futuristic and nostalgic sounds and heavy techno beats are will take you on a mesmerizing sonic journey. The KLOUD experience is sure to be even better live. Fortunately, your chance to see the legend perform in The Valley is soon approaching. This event is a perfect match for the heat of the Phoenix summer temps. KLOUD’s Disciple Tour is set to land at Sunbar Tempe on June 29th so brace yourself for KLOUD’s bombastic brand of techno.

KLOUD has mastered the arts of hard/dark techno, but those are only a couple of his talents. He is not afraid to branch out and expand his range. “Humans” is a vivid and apocalyptic tale about a potential cybernetic future devoid of the human race. The track makes clear that we are the ones to blame for our own destruction.

“In the future, just computers. No one here to start a war. We’re forgotten. Just a picture, no one looks at anymore,” sings a woman in a chilling tone, as an eerie beat gradually rises in the background.

“In our world we forget about our mothers. Maybe we deserve to fade away.” These lyrics help to convey the darkness of a world in which we are quick to forget about the one who brought us into this world, as the drums quickly enter the picture. Despite the initial bleak tone of “Humans,” the song does dive into positive themes as well.

The lines: “Cause if we don’t give a f**k about each other, it’s all over. All over.” and “Who saves us from this ruins?” emphasis the importance of unity, understanding, and human togetherness. This is especially true in the dark future painted by KLOUD in this track. In addition to powerful lyrics, there is also incredible instrumentation. The chorus brings about a thick, biting bassline and two (Yes.. TWO) layers of thrashing drums. The drop is a mid tempo masterpiece, dancing around the dust, bones, and other remnants of this post-human computer world. Listen to the full track below.

“Disciple” is the titular song off of KLOUD’s newest EP, released on April 5th of this year. “Disciple” bursts out of the gate with galloping drums, ethereal echoes, and subtle hi-hat splashes. Twitches of bass and synths can also be found here. “Disciple” gradually increases in tempo as the ethereal voices seem to move at their own free will. Occasional drum fills are interspersed between these vocals for added detail. The voices descend into a sudden silence, only to come back with a rhythmic vengeance. Effortlessly dancing to the hypnotic techno beat presented to them. Slithering bass creeps in to dance in synch with the drums for a double-knockout. There are too many hidden auditory treasures here to name.

Get tickets to see a techno Mastermind at work HERE. Tickets are currently $15 (before fees) but will go up as the event date draws closer. Opening support provided by DRAKK.

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