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Trance Duo Cosmic Gate to Take Over Sunbar this Weekend

Krefeld, Germany-based and world-renowned hard trance duo Cosmic Gate is set to land at Sunbar Tempe this Saturday May 11th. Get your tickets as soon as possible to secure your spot for this incredible show. It may be a while before this dynamic duo graces the Valley with their presence once again.

Cosmic Gate are best known for their incredibly intricate songs and sets that draw from a variety of inspirations. They have been very successful since their inception in November 1998, making an indescribably huge splash in the trance scene. This has cemented their place amongst other trance music greats, such as Armin van Buuren.

CG have released several incredible albums and songs, including the incredible “Exploration of Space (Extended Mix).” This song does not hesitate, immediately taking us on a rhythmic trance journey with numerous easter eggs and effects hidden throughout. After a steady introduction, we are met with thick, rubbery basslines and rumbling drums. The familiar trance/house hi-hats are interlaced with well-timed clicks and wubs. A narrator can be heard stating “exploration of space” during various breaks and bridges within the track. The halfway point of this extended mix is reminiscent of a wayward satellite floating in Outer Space, attempting to signal anyone on the ground who will listen. This is a PERFECT creative decision to make in a song titled “Exploration of Space.” This space signal has finally made contact, with the respondents being rapid drums and radiant synth crescendoes. At this point, “Exploration of Space” becomes addictively danceable. Fist pumping, shuffling, and head bobbing are all highly encouraged. The extended mix ends with a slight increase in tempo and additional synth patterns. An unmatched energy is created by these tempo changes. The last minute of this song really breaks free from the mold created by the previous seven. First, the drums rapidly shift in style and tempo, with underlying waves of wub. I only heard the original mix prior to writing this article and actually prefer the extended mix. It adds a lot of positive elements to the original, which justifies its length.

Do not miss your chance to see these incredible artists from across the Atlantic do what they do best. Tickets are available HERE. General Admission and luxurious private table options are both available for purchase. See above link for full details.

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