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Artist Introduction: CloZee 

One of the most impressive experimental and future bass artists of her generation, CloZee has truly grown her sound to be unique and elegant. There is something special about her ability to blend deep bass frequencies with some of the most relaxing riffs of piano and other instruments into future bass masterpieces. CloZee, a French producer, got her start in her teenage years when she began to experiment by combining different deeper electronic songs with those that were popular at the time. From there, she began to create her own magical mixtures which would eventually result in her playing some of the biggest festivals in North America and across the world. As she began to increase her footprint and get international recognition, she signed with Gravitas records before branching off to create her very own Odyzey Music. From there the rest is history. She has used her mastery of experimental bass and deep dub to also help propel some of the amazing artists who have released on her record label. You can check out a few of these artists as well as get a better idea of CloZee’s sound by checking out Odyzey’s Muzique compilations. 

With the 2024 festival season in full swing, CloZee has paired up with LSDREAM to create one of the most unique and anticipated collaborations in experimental bass. The new partnership is going to be a beautiful blend of both of these amazing artists’ works with some new music and collaborations thrown in. The new project, dubbed LSZEE, is going to be a hard to catch set but one that will change the ethereal experimental bass game.  If you want to check out BOTH LSDREAM and CloZee, these two will both be coming out to Coconino Campout this September! You can get tickets HERE, and we cannot wait to see all of you in the forest. 

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