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Dubscribe Returns with ‘In The Space’ EP

For fans of Excision, you may already be familiar with one of the most impressive up and coming dubstep artists in Dubscribe. Signed to Subsidia, dubstep legend Excision’s label, Dubscribe is one of the most exciting new names in the past three years. One of the pinnacles of dubstep is having one of your tunes make it into the legendary two-hour Lost Lands set where Excision plays all his favorite recent and classic tunes. Having a tune in this legendary mix is a status symbol first and foremost, but also indicates that you have created something truly groundbreaking in dubstep. Not only because it is Excision, but due to the stage and audience which it caters to, being the largest dubstep stage at the biggest dubstep festival of the year. Dubscribe has not made it into this legendary mix once, not twice, but has been a staple of Excision for the past four years. Dubscribe has clearly mage an enormous impact on the dubstep scene and is one artist you are going to want to check out. 

Dubscribe has been in the studio cooking up some new tunes which are sounding amazing. There is no telling where this newbie will end up, but he has discovered a sound design that will carry him wherever he wants to go. In The Space is a three-tune EP which demonstrates his versatility and a little of the unique sound design which has allowed him to stand out from the crowd. With so many producers in the dubstep game, this Japanese star has found his niche. Be sure to check out his most recent release In The Sound, out now on all platforms!

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