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Nostalgix Drops Certified Bass House Classic, ‘Look At Me’

Nostalgix, the queen of confidence and self-assurance herself, is back with another solid release. “Look At Me” is an incredible bass-house track that draws inspiration from numerous other genres and eras that add up to a track of epic proportions. The samples, transitions, and ad-libs are all on point here.

“Look At Me” gets things going right out of the gate with House hi-hats, heavy percussion effects, mammoth-sized bass, and a varsity-style call to arms. A “get ready” vocal sample distorts itself to the beat, getting us even MORE hyped for what is headed our way, as the drum effects pick up speed. Nostalgix comes in with a “Look at me go!” ad-lib as the bass takes over. “Look at Me” partially samples a famous track that I am struggling to place as of writing this, but the familiarity is there. This adds a new genre and era influence to an already dynamic track. Heavy drums and a whiplash effect bring us into the first drop. A perfect bass house romp that is sure to light up any club or venue that it is played in. The bass, synths, and hi-hats dance in perfect rhythm, as the song fluctuates between high and low ended bass. This is bass house in all of its glory!

A scratch-filled bridge comes into the picture, as the collegiate-inspired bass continues in the background of the track. Nostalgix’s ad-libs become pleasantly distorted and move in tandem with the beat. The rapid drums, bass, and scratches combine forces to form a full wall of sound. This song is sure to ignite stereo and club/festival speakers alike. The bass becomes wavy gelatinous while Nostalgix continues to give it her all. The second drop begins with a slight tempo change to hold your attention. Continuing to groove to a perfect bass house vibe. Euphoric bass spins in and out of the track, as Nostalgix continues the fervent scratch effects before the song fades out.

“Look At Me” perfectly encapsulates the confident personality that is a Nostalgix trademark at this point. This is a great expansion on her existing sound, while also demonstrating more of her musical influences. Play this one to hype yourself up for any occasion, as it is sure to get the party bumping.

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