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Sara Landry & Alt8 Release Cerebral Techno Romp, ‘Heaven’

Techno Masterminds Sara Landry and Alt8 have teamed us to bring us a new drop titled “Heaven.” These two artists effortlessly mix their talent, sounds, and style on this distinct collaboration. Sara Landry is most well-known for her dark techno aesthetic, while Alt8 is best known for uptempo jams and unique choice of samples. This all comes together, combining dark and ethereal vibes with ease. This is a must-listen for fans of the two artists and new listeners alike. Check it out below!

“Heaven” begins with euphoric and distorted vocal samples that echo and twist along with the ever-rising bass. Raging claps enter the scene along with the raw vocals, possibly sung by Miss Landry herself. Dark, cybernetic bass pounds the dance floor like a jackhammer. The next section of the track is a perfect example of Alt8’s uptempo style of raging that complements (and simultaneously contrasts with) the beautiful vocals. Bumping drums and thundering, low-ended bass sure to win over any club, concert, or boiler room crowd. The Bass, drums, and hi hats gallop along like a techno gazelle. While the vocals dance along with the rhythm of the backing elements, gradually increasing the tempo. The vocals jump around like a mystical wizard as the steady beat continues. These vocals are pleasantly chopped up and perfectly match the rhythm, while increasing the track’s danceability factor. A quick sweeping sound effect creates a bridge between two sections of the song. Sara Landry’s patented production style takes center stage as finger-gun worthy laser effects create an irresistible head bob in the listener. PERFECTION!

The percussion builds in speed, as Landry and Alt8 fire off lasers in all directions. An extended sweeping effect precedes a sudden evacuation of the musical elements, as the bass and hi-hats slowly descend out of frame. At this point, the vocals make a grand return:

“Would you feel better… If I said that this touch could last forever? Every moment I’m with you feels like heaven. If I said this is love, would you feel better? BETTER?!”

Harmonious strings accompany the bass and hi-hats, before the track fades out a second time. WOW! The numerous shifts in tone and the auditory twists and turns really make this track stand out. “Heaven” really expands on Sara Landry’s sound, perhaps due to Alt8’s involvement in its production. These two artists bring out the best in each other and should collaborate more often. A live B2B would hit DIFFERENT. The marching beat and vocals come back, galvanizing us to fight in the Techno Army with a steady breakbeat. The shimmering hi-hats, groovy bass, and mesmeric vocals close out the track.

This is one of my favorite Sara Landry releases and inspired me to look into Alt8’s work as well. What a fantastic introduction to a new artist. This is the perfect song to show a friend, family member, or acquaintance who is trying to get into the world of Techno. There is enough of the genre present here for a proper introduction. The genre-bending abilities of these two artists make it a perfect gateway between the lighter side of EDM and the harder sounds of techno. Playing this at a pool party is sure to lead to countless cannonballs, flips, and aquatic dance moves. If the vocals were sung by Sara Landry, I hope that she sings more in the future. She absolutely nailed it here and should continue to implement her own vocals into her production. This track hits on every level and I highly recommend it. Five Stars!

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