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Inside Ganja White Night’s High-Energy Live Performances

Ganja White Night have elevated themselves to true headliner status, all while staying true to their sound. Their music is undeniably dubstep, but with a unique flair of growls and wubs that create their signature sound. They are not afraid to venture outside of dubstep and have created absolute bangers in many genres, including dark melodic bass and drum and bass, all while maintaining their distinctive style. However, what has really taken them to the next level is their live shows. While sometimes they will perform DJ sets with the standard CDJs, most of their performances include their laptops on stage connected to several launchpads and keyboards, so they can edit their performance live. While this is not a new concept, Ganja White Night takes it to the next level, and I am excited to dive deep.

In a Reddit AMA, Ganja White Night explained that they primarily use two launchpads: one to trigger the next song and one to create effects on the drum patterns. This is used in combination with another keyboard, which is linked to the different instruments in their songs and can create effects on the bass, harmonies, etc. during a song. While this does take a lot of planning ahead, the actual performance seemingly contains a ton of improvisation and keeps every show fresh. Not only do you get to hear exclusively Ganja White Night songs (a rare occurrence for any artist’s set), but you also get to hear them manipulate the sound waves as the performance goes on. Watching this is akin to watching an incredible Broadway performance, as it’s truly that: an actual performance. This is something that truly stands out in the bass world.

Ganja White Night are here to stay. Their live performance, coupled with their incredible ability to produce bangers, will take them to the stars. If you ever get the chance to see this bass super duo, you will not be disappointed!

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