Relentless Beats


Genre Melodic Bass

Country USA



JVNA's Biography

JVNA (pronounced Jana) is a 22-year-old LA based producer who is constantly blurring the lines between heart pounding and melodic music.

Emerging in 2016 and crafting emotional productions ever since, she found initial success with her releases of “Waterfall” and a cover of Kingdom Heart’s “Dearly Beloved Sweater Weather.” She has continued to release anime and video game themed covers alongside her originals, following this trend with her recent rendition of LiSA’s “Gurenge” and Skrillex’s “Face My Fears.”

In early 2019, JVNA released her single “Catch Me” on Proximity and subsequently announced her debut Catch Me tour. After selling out shows across the country and releasing select remixes for Gryffin + Waterparks alongside her originals, she ended the year by announcing her sophomore City of Dreams tour. Being graced with the cover of Spotify’s Dance Rising + Friday Cratediggers playlists while racking up millions of streams across Spotify and YouTube alone, JVNA will continue to take the future by storm, captivating new and old fans alike along the way.

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