Relentless Beats


Genre Drum and Bass



Rampant's Biography

RAMPANT is a duo of producer/DJs hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. Chris and Jake met in 1st grade and have been best friends ever since.

The creation of Rampant came about in early 2017 when Chris began seriously pursuing electronic music production as a hobby. With Jake’s knowledge of live mixing, they put their heads together and created this project. Rampant stems from their collegiate fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, whose symbol is a “rampant lion with a white rose,” signifying the idea of courage protecting innocence.

Chris and Jake are on the come up in the electronic music scene. Their versatility in genre production makes them stand out from the crowd. As they climb the ranks, they are mentored by G-House Guru: BIJOU. Also from Phoenix, BIJOU coaches them through the industry.

With a handful of label releases, three festival appearances under their belt, and recognition on remixes from blogs like “RUN THE TRAP,” and “Gems & Secrets,” Rampant is poised to take the next step in the electronic music scene.

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