Relentless Beats


Genre Dubstep

Country United Kingdom

Label Dub Police



Subscape's Biography

Subscape has gone from strength to strength in the past year, having completed fresh remixes for the likes of Ray Foxx (The Trumpeter), Ed Sheeran (Lego House) and Adam F (When The Rain Is Gone), as well as international gigs and countless bookings for festivals this summer. After his standout debut release on Dub Police in 2008, Subscape has progressed to become one of the most prolific artists on the label ever since.

Starting 2012 in style, Subscape has just finished a coast-to-coast eight-date USA tour with Dub Police , playing outstanding venues such as House of Blues in LA, Submission in Denver and Webster Hall New York. An international frenzy for the guy can only be imminent. This will be followed up by summer performances at the prestigious Dour and Tomorrowland festivals in Belgium, Solar Weekend in the Netherlands, as well as a homecoming appearance at NASS extreme sports festival in the West Country. He will also continue to play club nights across the UK, which will include Basslaced events, Hospitality nights and Dub Police’s own Fabric residency. Subscape’s incredible live energy as a DJ has already seen him win a legion of dedicated Dubstep-loving fans, following him to gigs worldwide and ensuring he draws a massive crowd on any line up.

September 2011 had his biggest release to date on the Dub Police label, with the Universal EP, which undoubtedly boosted Subscape’s profile as a producer. In the week of release, the EP featured in the top 10 of the iTunes electronic album chart and remained in the top 100 for four weeks, with the title track Universal reaching number 8 on the ‘Less Than 3’ US website top 15 dubstep tracks of 2011. Featured track ‘Turn Me On’ has been a standout dancefloor banger that deserved its own video release, and this saw the man himself in a starring role, putting the Subscape name to a face for fans worldwide.

Early experiments in producing genres such as drum and bass, hip hop and garage cemented Subscape’s musical intuition when it came to Dubstep. His unrivalled sample library has been developed for years, making both his track production and remixing ultimately unique. His early influences include Hospital Records releases, Bad Company, and the club night Renegade Hardware, and his early foray into Dubstep meant he received recognition from Annie Mac, Rusko and Scratch Perverts. Ever since gaining a first set of decks at fifteen and a copy of Reason, Subscape has been continuously creating and practising, honing his craft into what is now the essential Subscape sound. Whilst studying DJing and Music Production at ACM Guildford, he met future label mates The Others. After swapping recordings and techniques, they passed his music to Caspa, ensuring there would be no turning back from a bright future in the music industry.

As far as his recent influences go, he states that being on the Dub Police label means the other artists constantly inspire him and that they form his current listening material, which in turn, supports the music he makes now. In the future, Subscape is looking forward to the release of his MyStyle CD, as well as a North American Tour in April 2013 to support it, and a forthcoming EP on Dub Police. This, plus a string of live DJ performances across the globe, will make 2013 the stand out year

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