Relentless Beats


Genre Electronic

Country United States



Voodreau's Biography

VooDreau has been a DJ since 2007. After originally learning on vinyl and mixing hip hop tracks, he has transitioned back to his love of dirty bass EDM. Born and raised in San Diego, he grew up in the scene of warehouse raves and jungle and D&B vibes. When the rave scene fell apart he went back to his love of hard rock and hip hop. With the emergence of the Dubstep scene around 2010 he fell back in love with electronic music. While in the Navy, he tried to spread this new movement by playing shows in multiple countries overseas including Guam, Dubai, and Hong Kong. VooDreau has had the opportunity to hold residencies in multiple CA clubs while still serving. Since his departure from service has moved to Phoenix AZ and is now bringing his filthy bass sets to venues all over the valley. In 2018 he was picked as one of the finalists for the Relentless Beats Phoenix Lights First Encounters DJ Competition!
The beginning of this year marked the first of a new venture with Dark Mark and The Techno Snobs with launch of Pitch Black at the Monarch Theater! A new innovation of combining two stages, two genres Bass Vs Techno, all in the same venue!
This year he has also had the pleasure of opening for one of his inspirations. Never Say Die artist and Dubstep pioneer Megalodon.

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