Relentless Beats

What So Not

Genre Electronica, Trap, Afrobeat, House

Country Australia




What So Not's Biography

What So Not are Sydney DJ/production duo Flume and Emoh Instead. Although they differ in size, facial hair and physique, both began their destined path to DJ notoriety as humble paper boys with a keen ear for jams. They first flexed their muscle in 2011 with debut EP ‘7 Dollar Bill’, scoring approval from the likes of Switch and Sinden.

Their most recent EP release‘The Quack’ (out via local legends Sweat It Out and internationally via Skrillex’s label OWSLA) dropped harder than that time Tony Abbott crashed in on Flume’s wave (true story). It featured guest vocalists/heavyweights Action Bronson, D Mac & Blood Diamonds, clocked up over 450k Soundcloud plays and garnered the attention of fellow electronic heavyweights Diplo, Bauuer and Flosstradamus.

On the 21st of February 2015, Flume announced that the final project of What So Not that he would be creatively involved in would be the release of an EP produced on 2014. His official statement on the What So Not Facebook page – “Over the last while, Emoh and I have been moving in different directions creatively, we haven’t made any music together in quite a while. Our final joint project is a soon-to-be-released EP that we completed last year. That will be the last what so not project I’ll be creatively involved with.”

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