Relentless Beats


Genre House

Country Australia

Label Box of Cats



Wongo's Biography

This man has had Beyonce 3 times. That’s right; big dick Wongo from down unda’ has had the Queen Bey in and around his mouth on three separate official remixes for Sony. This righteous lad has spent over a decade between the bright screens perfecting the boops and womps that tickle and stimulate your ear canals.

We are mad privileged to have sir Wongo as one of the absolute bawses behind the Box of Cats label. Real recognize real as Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Billy Kenny, Martin Solveig, Riva Starr, Joris Voorn, Golf Clap, and Rudimental all big up the container of cantankerous felines on a regular basis. Bring it back one more time, as real recognize real forreal; Wongo has written tracks alongside the talents of Billy Kenny, Bot, Sinden, and Jace Mek to name just a few off the top of the dome.

Only recently have the States had the pleasure of his weirdness with his first U.S. tour hitting landfall over New Year’s Eve 2017. It’s safe to say it won’t be the last time that mothers across the country should be hiding their daughters from his cranberry and vodka scented allure.

If it’s not his tunes, his boyish charm, or penchant for taking off his clothes on stage that grab ya, then it must be his moves. Yes, the man currently posted up on the Gold Coast is a 5 time breakdancing/bboying champion in the land of wallabies and surf. He done toured all over the world on three separate occasions spinning on his fucking head solely for the purpose of droppin jaws and panties alike.

The man is a master of all genres and dancefloors so don’t expect any Wongo set to sound like any other. This is why our friend who prefers to spend his life 5AM-9PM in the studio instead of a nightclub is a can’t miss see whenever you get lucky enough for him to grace your local shithole. However, if you can convince the antisocial socialite to have 1 drink with you, 1 becomes 10 faster than you can say “cunt” and a night out with Wongo becomes just as memorable as the wild diversity of amazing tunes he has floating around the airwaves.

Shit, if you don’t want to dance with him after all that, then he don’t wanna dance with you neither.

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