Relentless Beats

Deadbeats Halloween – Albuquerque

October 25, 2019 at 5:00 PM

Swede Recreational Complex - Albuquerque, NM

Headliners Zeds Dead, Ghastly, Tisoki, um..


Type Festival

Venue Swede Recreational Complex5601 University Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Ages 18+

Show 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Doors 5:00 PM

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Event Description

Relentless Beats, VIVA ABQ, & Crowdsurf present Deadbeats Halloween – Albuquerque on Friday, October 25, 2019 at Swede Recreational Complex in Albuquerque, NM. This show is 18+.

The following is not allowed into the venue:
NO Illegal Substances
NO Drugs or Drug Paraphenalia
NO Pets
NO Massagers
NO Laser Pens / Pointers
NO Eye Drops
NO Glass, Cans, Cups, or Coolers
NO Markers, Pens, or Spray Paint
NO Large Chains or Spiked Jewelry
NO Stickers or Flyers
NO Tents, Large Umbrellas, Chairs, or Blankets
NO Large Purses or Bags (Anything over 10×10 inches)
NO Open Cigarettes, Lipstick, Chapstick, or Tampons
NO Outside Food, Beverage, or Alcohol
NO Professional Cameras – SLR or Detachable Lens
NO Video or Audio Recording Equipment
NO Knives, Firearms, Pepper Spray, Fireworks, or Weapons of Any Kind
NO Toy Weapons or Real Weapons of Any Kind
NO Open Sunscreen
NO Balloons, Balls, Frisbee, and / or Any Other Projectile
NO Native American Headdresses
The following is allowed into the venue:
OK Small bags, purses, and fanny packs
OK Empty water bottles, including reusable and disposable water bottles
OK Empty CamelBak-style water bladder systems
OK Fanny Packs
OK Non-professional cameras incl Go Pros
OK Cell phones
OK Lighters
OK Sealed: cigarette packages, tampons, packs of gum, and chapstick/lip gloss
OK Festival Totems
OK Glowing / Illuminated Costumes or Jewelry
OK Inflatables (deflated upon entry)
OK Flags / Banners or Handmade signs (no corporate or company-branded ones)
OK Sunglasses and hats
OK Sealed Liquid sunscreen and cosmetic products
OK Disposable E-cigs / Nicotine Vaporizer pens, but none with refillable chambers containing visible liquid
OK Guide dogs for people with disabilities and other service animals with current rabies certification

Festival Totem Guidelines:
-Decorated festival ‘totems’ are okay to bring so long as they meet the following guidelines
-Posters/Boards attached to totems can be NO LARGER THAN 18”x24”
-Must be made from lightweight material (eg foam, PVC / no solid metal)
-PVC, Light Wood, Aluminium poles must be no thicker than 1″ diameter
-Decorated pool noodles work great for easy entrance through security
-Inflatables attached to totems must be deflated upon entry.
-Please note that anything deemed inappropriate, insensitive, or distasteful will NOT be admitted to the event.

About Zeds Dead

DC and Hooks are Zeds Dead. They first hooked up in 2004 and formed Mass Productions. Influenced by the digging in the crates sampling school of hip hop, Mass Productions released one independent album in the summer of 2007 entitled Fresh Beetz. It was their first … Read More

About Ghastly

Growing up on a goat farm in Arizona might not be considered the typical American upbringing for the next big DJ and producer, but then again Ghastly isn't just your typical American artist. Many have described him as a partially insane young man with a … Read More

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