Relentless Beats

Dreamstate presents: Paul van Dyk in Phoenix

May 5, 2017 at 9:00 PM

The Pressroom - Phoenix, AZ

Headliners Paul Van Dyk, Simon Patterson

Supports Alex M.O.R.P.H., Heatbeat

Type Concert

Venue The Pressroom441 W. Madison St
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Ages 18+/21+

Show 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Doors 9:00 PM

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Event Description

Relentless Beats presented Dreamstate presents: Paul van Dyk in Phoenix on Friday, May 5, 2017 at The Pressroom in Phoenix, AZ. This show is 18+.

About Paul Van Dyk

For more than two decades, the world has known Paul van Dyk as one of Germany's most successful musicians and as one of the ultimate superstars of electronic music. As an artist, DJ and producer, Paul has surpassed various milestones over the course of his … Read More

About Simon Patterson

Master craftsman of melancholic melody and the purveyor of razor sharp edges – he is Simon Patterson. Famed for 15 consecutive #1’s on Beatport (including 4 in 2013 and 1 already this year) as well as all other reputable stores with tracks like ‘The One’, ‘Shadows’ … Read More

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