Relentless Beats

James Zabiela @ RB Deep

February 20, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Monarch Theatre - Phoenix, AZ

Headliner James Zabiela

Supports Turner & Heit, Dan Lunsford, Christian James

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Venue Monarch Theatre122 East Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Ages 21+

Show 9:00 PM

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Event Description

Relentless Beats presents RB Deep featuring the one and only James Zabiela for his first AZ appearance at MONARCH THEATRE [venue changed due to inclement weather] in Downtown Phoenix on Wednesday, February 20, 2013. Local support will be provided by Phoenix favorites Turner & Heit, Dan Lunsford, and Christian James.

James has released critically acclaimed compilations on various labels including Renaissance and Ministry of Sound; his ‘Masters Series’ is an audio diary of 3 months in the life of James. It out-sold all its predecessors, rode high in both UK & USA iTunes stores and received top reviews from across the board. His remixes (official and otherwise) hold the same esteem, commissioned remix artists include Ladytron and Spooky, not to mention killer bootlegs like his amazing meld of Radiohead and Joris Voorn. Other singles include Robophobia, Weird Science, The Darkness EP and Perseverance EP.

James Zabiela Boiler Room Mix

His style spans house, tech-house, techno, melodic sound-scapes and breaks whilst he still cites Depeche Mode as one of his major influences he also finds time for the likes of Extrawelt, Modeselektor, Paul Woolford, Apparat and Phil K amongst others.

A deep understanding of what makes electronic music tick; he’s also constantly pushing the technical side of his art, both in the studio and during live performances. So it’s no surprise that the Japanese engineers from Pioneer came to James’ house to pick his brains; an alliance that James is deeply honoured to be part of.

About James Zabiela

The “glistening sonics” of electronic music enticed a grunge loving 16 year old James Zabiela to his first set of belt drive turntables some years ago, fast forward to 2009 and James is one of the most prolific DJs and producers on the planet. Over … Read More

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