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Pet Shop Boys 13th Album “Super” To Be Released On April 1st

It was announced through official sources that April 1st would be the release date for the Pet Shop Boy’s new album, carrying the title, Super; July 20th to the 23rd will also feature four upcoming performances at the Royal Opera House, located in London. These performances are presumably in promotion of their new album, entitled Inner Sanctum with the 20th century production wizards already having an extensive catalog to backtrack on. While “West End Girls” from 1986 and 1987’s “It’s A Sin” feature their silky smooth male vocals that have made promiscuous men and women in the clubs for generations. Being especially popular in the U.K. gay community, the duo has transcended their genre to many popstars like Madonna, Dusty Springfield, Boy George, and Robbie Williams. Making a living off of remixing the greats, the Pet Shop Boys have earned their right to become legends in the dance community. Teaming up with producer Stuart Price, (who produced one of the critically acclaimed Madonna albums of all time), the PSB released Inner Sanctum, a promo-track for the upcoming album:

Pet Shop Boys – Inner Sanctum (Official Audio)

 The track list has also been released in anticipation of the album, with the accompanying trailer found below:

Super Tracklist:
01. Happiness
02. The Pop Kids
03. Twenty-Something
04. Groovy
05. The Dictator Decides
06. Pazzo!
07. Inner Sanctum
08. Undertow
09. Sad Robot World
10. Say It To Me
11. Burn
12. Into Thin Air

Pet Shop Boys – 2016 Launch Video 

Be sure to rush to your nearest CD retailer or online store on April 1st, 2016, and get your copy, and support the two men who helped make dance music what it is today. In the mean time, check out the lead single released from the album, “The Pop Kids:”

Pet Shop Boys – The Pop Kids (Official Lyric Video)

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