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Eat, Play, Love: Cheat Codes’ Sexy Culinary Masterpiece

Cheat Codes’ and Kriss Kross Amsterdam’s music video for “Sex” has been making splashes on the internet recently for its modern gritty take on the rock’n’roll fantasy of banging your teacher in high school. Even with its February 19th release, “Sex” still is gaining traction as a track on Soundcloud, but also its use of very attractive leading lady, Hayley Ambriz (San Diego model) who makes only the best sexual innuendos to the apparent group of older-looking high school stoners using basic fruits and household items (stuffing the taco, anyone?).



While Sex is a great tune, it definitely isn’t for the more conservative listener, not to mention the music video’s racy nature and clever use of the Salt N Pepa “Let’s Talk About Sex” sample scattered among the song. The music video may be simple in nature, but has a no-holds-barred approach to the theme of the song. Even with its naughty background, there is actually nothing in the music video (aside of innuendos) that would force it to succumb to an 18+ rating on streaming sites.

Cheat Codes x Kriss Kross Amsterdam – SEX (Official Music Video)

The song itself lacks the R+B touch that Salt N Pepa once gave it, but instead makes use of popular jungle beats that have been popping up in different genres in recent times. Cheat Codes has covered up that fact for the sake of a lot of their pieces using vocalists who favor melisma and vocal runs that hasn’t been prevalent in music aside from Ariana Grande on the pop side, and some dance artists are starting to bring back that belted chest-voice approach to the dancefloor. “Sex” is an extremely sensual and pulsing jungle mix that definitely will romance your sweetheart for the April blues, or keep you entertained as the temperatures in Arizona get hotter.

Sex” is not only bound to be the spring pounder as summer comes around the corner, but speaks to that tribal instinct inside of us that just wants to get it on. Throw all your reservations out the window, blast this video, and talk about it already!

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Sources: Fist In The Air, One Avenue

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